Monday, October 5, 2009

Wish i could fly to you

Not a moment has passed without me thinking of you, I miss you so terribly...Everything around me reminds me of you..

It was my sister's birthday today, when i unwrapped the cake and placed candles on it, i missed the time we bought a birthday cake for Meo tgt a cake hse.. My memories then brought me to the nite at 9 balls celebrating Meo's birthday. I missed how i cleaned the cream on your face with a tissue. I missed how i hugged u outside 9 balls. I missed every moments spent with you. I miss you...

It's raining here right now. heavy rain. I wish to hug you so much right now, a long warm hug..a long kiss on your forehead and smell on your hair. if i could hug u again, i nvr want to let go anymore. i hate the distance.

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