Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Please dont doubt my love..

My baby,

With all my heart, I beg of you, don't doubt my love.

I know you worry and wonder with whom & where I am,

But I wish my love; you could see just how much I wear my heart on my sleeve....

For you... Only you...

I know I have made some mistakes & know the pain I caused is a burning ache.

But I was a fool and awoke in a pool of my own tears & my heart filled with fears.

I love & I miss you so much...

I can't even think of being with another man, because it tares my heart up.

You are my life now, my constant companion, in heart, thought & mind.

Be easy my lover and trust in love, not in me, but in love, that love will let love be.

There is only perfection in love, no fear, no tears, only hopes, and dreams, for the life we can live.

Don't doubt my love for you,

You are just one man, and you are all the man I need.

You are the one for me.

You were made for me....

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